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Desert Rain

Cactus + Rain Water

It smells like home. Aloe, agave and green floral will have your senses longing for a scent that can only come from, Desert Rain.


Grapefruit + Mint

Brunch is a reminder of the fabulous drink and memories made between breakfast and lunch. Citrus, mint and agave make this the perfect mixer for the perfect Brunch.

a dozen roses

Rose Water + Hibiscus

A new take on your favorite bouquet. With rose water, hibiscus, stargazer lily and white woods, anybody would appreciate this extraordinary fragrant bouquet of, A Dozen Roses.

cotton candy sunset

Plum + Amber

Bask in the embrace of the perfect periwinkle, pink and violet sky. Wi raspberry, mandarin, grapefruit and sugar plum, this scent will have you reminiscing about memorable evenings and, Cotton Candy Sunsets.

mountain top

Suede, Smoke + Cypress

Take in the fresh invigorating mountain air. Suede, smoke, cypress and balsam mix to take you to one of the most glorious views, a Mountain Top.